New Meeting Friday 12:00 ❖ MEN, non-binary ❖ True Intimacy

25.01.2021 -

MEN, non-binary ❖ True Intimacy (Lust, Sex and Love Dependency ⑇ 3rd Precept)

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  • Baptiste


After more than 3 years Recovery Sangha in Berlin we are proud to announce our fourth weekly meeting especially tailored to pandemic times and with lessons learned. A US based meeting running Sundays at 3:15am (Berlin time) finally inspired us to create the first RD-Europe MEN’s meeting focussing on Sexual Responsibility.

However, we made some fine-tuning adjustments concerning its set up time- and structure-wise. It will be a short 1h meeting with an intermediate level meditation running at noontime and thus allowing people to do a deep dive into Buddhism and recovery during their daybreaks from home office or elsewhere. Experiencing exhaustion of mental bandwidth ourselves after 8plus-hours in front of digital devices during the pandemic – which lead to cravings and rejection of late evening recovery meetings - further encourages us to start at 12:00. In addition, getting a little reminder on the precept during the middle of the day might support us in wise actions. The focus will be the sharing section of the meeting hereby related to the 3rd Buddhist precept: Sexual Responsibility.

Meditation beginners and people fresh from a substance relapse are kindly asked to start with our other three weekly meetings. There they can get comfortable with beginner meditations and start stabilising their minds. However, sobriety from process addictions is NO precondition to join our meeting. You are more than welcome.

Background: “The Fifth Precept -- not to consume alcohol, toxins, or drugs -- and the Third Precept are linked. Both concern destructive and destabilizing behaviour…These precepts are the right medicine to heal us. For many people, this precept is easy to practice, but for others, it is quite difficult. It is important for these people to come together and share their experiences (Thich Nhat Hanh 1993: Reproduced from For a Future to Be Possible: Commentaries on the Five Wonderful Precepts. Parallax Press, Berkeley, CA).