COVID-19 Meeting Info

  • In accordance with the most recent regulations in Germany, some of our meetings are returning to limited in-person gatherings. Please check each meeting in the schedule for details. Otherwise continue reading for instructions for joining us online.
  • The Berlin Sangha maintains it's own paid-for Zoom account to assure the privacy, anonymity and safety of attendees. The link below will take you to the meeting waiting room where a facilitator will let you in.
  • If lateness is unavoidable please be patient. We might be meditating or in the middle of sharing. The facilitator will admit you at their discretion.




10:30 AM CET (Berlin) *In Person

Classic Book Study Meeting

The meeting format is
- opening, introductions, reading of our standard texts
- 15 minute reading & discussion
- 20 minute meditation
- time for sharing

Sangha organisational meeting 1st Sunday of every month, directly after the main meeting.

UPDATE: New COVID rules for Sunday morning meeting at KIS. These rules will be in place starting Sunday 29 August.

"Dear groups,
there is a new infection protection ordinance , which also affects self-help group meetings. We therefore had to revise the hygiene rules for the use of our HIS group rooms and are also obliged to point them out to you and to have you confirm compliance with them.

The following applies from now on:
- "3G rule" : All participants in a self-help group meeting (which are still considered an event) in an indoor area must either be demonstrably vaccinated, recovered or tested .

- Each group must name one or more responsible persons who will review the evidence relating to "3G" . Please let us know who will take on this role in your group. Those responsible must sign the Corona user agreement and send it to us or bring it over to us! This is how you confirm to us that you have taken note of the rules of use. Without this assurance, the group cannot meet.

- The presence must still be documented individually for each meeting by each person writing their personal data on the contact data sheets provided for this purpose, which are then collected in an envelope for each meeting and thrown into the HIS mailbox, labeled with the current date.

The HIS keeps these envelopes under lock and key and destroys them unopened after two weeks, provided there is no infection in the group.

- Furthermore, the regulations for maintaining the minimum distance apply, so nothing changes in the permitted number of participants per meeting or room . In Prenzlauer Berg, the HIS group room can be used by up to 8 people. [Note: we can meet outside in the courtyard if there are more than 8 people]

- A (FFP2 or medical) mask must still be worn around the house; the mask may only be removed when sitting in the seat."

KIS im Stadtteilzentrum Prenzlauer BergFehrbelliner Str. 9210119Berlin - Prenzlauer Berg


8 PM CET (Berlin)

Classic Book Study Meeting

The meeting format is
- opening, introductions, reading of our standard texts
- 15 minute book reading
- 20 minute meditation
- time for sharing



8 PM CET (Berlin) *In Person

*Due to corona regulations the number of attendees is limited. You must reserve a space to attend this meeting. Please email a request to attend to you show up and are not confirmed to attend and we are at capacity, you will be turned away. FFP2 masks are required when walking through the property. Hygiene and 1.5 meter physical distancing protocols are in effect. We are required by law to keep contact tracing information. You should be prepared to give at least your initials, phone or email. This information is kept on premises and destroyed routinely. The safety and confidentiality of all the members of our community are a priority. Thank you for your cooperation.

Classic Book Study Meeting

The meeting format is:
- opening, introductions, reading of RD preambles
- 15min RD book study
- 20min meditation
- time for sharing concerning the topic of the book and/or personal reflexions

Speaker Meeting Every last Wednesday: The book study is replaced by a member of the Sangha speaking about a topic related to recovery, Buddhism, or their experience in addiction.

Sangha organisational Meeting: 1st Wednesday of every month, directly after the main meeting.

Bodhicharya BerlinKinzigstrasse 25 – 2910427Berlin – Friedrichshain


12 PM CET (Berlin)

MEN, non-binary ❖ True Intimacy (Lust, Sex and Love Dependency ⑇ 3rd Precept)

This 60min online meeting with focus on sexual responsibility (3rd Precept) was added in January 2021 as additional support. In May 2021 an own Inquiry Working Group was founded plus an own True Intimacy reach out channel both via Signal.

The meeting format is:
- Introductory readings about RD’s practices and principles
- 10min short True Intimacy focused reading
- 15min guided intermediate meditation
- 25min group sharing about literature topic, meditation or our recovery

- Closing anouncements and dedication of merit


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